Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recording the audio for Learning Site's Audible Dwelling

I just recently finished recording the audio with Joshua Penrose, with text written by Jamie Stapleton, which will be amplified through multiple speakers into the surrounding CCAD parking lot.

Check back for the MP3, and its installation in the site itself.


  1. Hey Cassie,

    Thanks for your nice comment over at my spot -- and what a strange case of synchronicity: I had already been planning to post one of your videos yesterday before you wrote!

    I miss Columbus big time. Tallahassee Florida is a hellhole. FSU is good though - lots of avant-garde folks.

    Hope all is well with you!!!

  2. Chris,

    How interesting! I had no idea you had even seen any of my videos. Are you submitting to the Deleuze conference in Amsterdam? If not, you should, Ricky Crano and I already have.

    Do it do it!