Sunday, November 22, 2009

We Won! A Feminist Utopia - Malmoe Free University for Women @ 16 Beaver

While in NYC this weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a feminist utopia workshop at 16 Beaver hosted by MFK. "Malmoe Free University for Women (MFK) is an ongoing art project initiated in Sweden in 2006 by artists Lisa Nyberg and Johanna Gustavsson. The goal of MFK is to create a place where art, politics and feminism are brought together and combined, to enable space for creative, intellectual,political dialogue and action. MFK activates alternative kinds of knowledge production and distribution through activities such as workshops, lectures and film screenings. Issues of art, feminism and politics are discussed with a specific focus on how to counter dominant power relations, gender structures and normative thinking. By combining theory and practice MFK explores the meaning of collective action."

Malmoe Free University for Women (MFK)

This image was used as a working model for the idea of keeping discussions open to critical debate, and allowing for a willingness to compromise.

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