Sunday, January 10, 2010

Black Friday Demonstrations (clutching): Cassandra Troyan & Nicole Langille of VITALforms

Part of the American Anthology,
VITALforms performance,
Wal-mart Electronics aisle,
The busiest shopping day of the year,
November 27th, 2009.

The American Anthology is a body of work that asks, what sort of response can I incite by inhabiting a Wal-mart with a collaborator’s actions and mine, rather than for the purpose of purchasing items on Black Friday? What occurs when the conversation becomes an exercise in longing within a Capitalist system, questioning the consumerists about their relation to each other, or lack thereof, rather than vaguely criticizing a corporate giant? I envision my work as utilizing a politics in the public sphere that unites humor and criticality without undermining the statement of intent. How do people learn something significant about themselves through laughter at an idea or issue that they would otherwise ignore?

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