Wednesday, February 10, 2010


  1. Wasting paint is not the same as wasting food. Paint wasted, whether through creating a bad piece of artwork or unnecessarily re-painting a room or a house, could not have been used by a less-fortunate person to survive. When you waste food, you are wasting something that people actually need to Maybe people wasting paint hurts your artist soul, but people wasting food hurts real people's empy stomachs.

  2. If Cassie had produced enough paintings to fill the gallery she would have devoted far more resources which could have, hypothetically, been allocated to "real people's empty stomachs." You would have no problem with the hundreds of dollars it takes to buy canvases, paint, painting material, studio space, and frames but you do have a problem with the small amount of money used to buy rice and potatoes? Separate point: Our system of industrial food production depends on waste and over production. Our government has routinely subsidized over production and destruction of food grown by farmers to fix pricing. Or if you want to talk about wasting food, how about the inordinate amount of resources it takes to produce a cow to eat? Each time you eat meat, you are eating a waste of resources since more useful food goes into those animals then comes out.

    So out of meat production, industrial agriculture, farmer subsidies and a local artist actually spending less money that she would have in traditional painting supplies, which is the thing to complain about?