Friday, February 26, 2010

Opening performance for Chord of Columbus by Sarah Cowles & John Also Bennett

Chord of Columbus gathers together, condenses, maps and amplifies these sounds into a visual and aural portrait. The tones are analyzed electronically to determine frequency and intensity. The corresponding color of that data is projected onto the exteriors and interiors of Audible Dwelling. The colors unite with the sounds to create a visual and aural cross section of the urban experience, drawing to the surface the subtle soundscapes that continually and often unknowingly affect our everyday life.
I drove the van, (named Brenda, shown above) with Sarah, as it was equipped with its own tone from the city which was blaring through a Half-Mile Hailer mounted on top of the van. Wrecklessness and donuts ensued in a nearby snow-filled parking lot and street as a means of both engaging and harassing the viewers.

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