Friday, June 18, 2010

A beginning draft of the work, F I L M

This work is still in the beginning stages of a multi-disciplinary collaboration with printer-maker Jesse Boardman Kauppila, archivist Kajsa Thelin, myself, and writer and cultural theorist Ola Stahl as part of his Headlands Art Centre residency just outside San Francisco, California. Over a two month period, we will focus on collaboratively putting together a limited edition artist book based on the English manuscript of his forthcoming book F I L M. The manuscript is based on a journeyman's memoirs in Sweden and the United States, but the language and narrative are fragmented to the point of disintegration through an exploration of the translation act. Together we will rework the manuscript in various ways and in different media. We aim to have the edition ready and printed with In Edit Mode Press by the end of the summer when Ola leaves the United States.

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