Monday, September 13, 2010

Recollection of a unseen performance by Georgia Wall

This was part of the Unseen Perfomance series by Georgia Wall
She did a performance that only I could see, and it only exists through my account. It was a very special experience. This will be part of a show at SAIC's Sullivan Gallery, September 28th - October 2nd.

"I saw her walking calmly down the street, her arms were at her sides, and she was wearing a white cloth draped around her body. She walked slowly, and then she walked in front of my window. She stood there until she unwrapped the cloth from around her shoulder on the left side, and then she put it on the ground. She then took another cloth from around her shoulders, and pulled it over her head, so that it pulled part of hair over her face. She took this scarf and laid it on the ground as well. There was a large SUV parked in front of my house, so some of the movements of the event were obscured by the car and through the partial darkness. She then titled her head back and either mouthed or said words to the sky and it was very sensual. It felt very intimate. Then she looked in my direction and pulled a small piece of paper from her mouth that seemed to be rolled. She then unrolled it and sat down and I think she was reading it. She was kneeling and after she read, she ate things that were small and white. A man was walking down the street and on the opposite side, and when he saw her there, he seemed a bit confused, but intrigued so he walked over to the other side of the street. He talked to her, but she did not say anything, and she continued eating. He then walked away and afterward she got up and pulled a duster that was in her pocket out and started to dust her self off. She then put the duster back into her pocket, and bent down to pick up the first scarf. She lifted it up and then wrapped it around her back and shoulders, then she bent down and picked up the remaining scarf and wrapped underneath her arm and around her shoulders. She then turned to walk down the street. When she was walking away two nuns stepped out of their front door to watch her as she walked away. They seemed a bit concerned or confused."

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