Friday, December 17, 2010

F I L M, The Project

An archive and site now exists for a collaboration produced and presented as part of Ola Ståhl & Kajsa Thelin’s residency at The Headlands Centre for the Arts, Marin County, CA, USA, 2010.

"F I L M is a collaborative mixed-media art project. Taking as its point of departure Ola Ståhl’s reworking of a found manuscript containing the unpublished memoirs of a person known by the initials NAN, the project utilizes different media and techniques to explore, develop and experiment with the different thematics and narrative strands of the manuscript. The collaboration presently includes text- and sound artist Ola Ståhl, video artist Cassandra Troyan, artist and printmaker Jesse Boardman Kauppila, and archivist Kajsa Thelin."

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