Friday, February 11, 2011

EAR EATER #4: The Apocalyptic Absurd

Please come us join as at the fourth installation of the reading series EAR EATER in Pilsen. This session is based on the theme of the Apocalyptic Absurd; where dissidents of reality manifest their obscure and unkempt longing in the absurdity of destruction, and the banal chaos of the everyday.

Whether that means literally, through the performativity of disintegrating language, or just plain fucking shit up.

Either present through Skype, or in the flesh, we are having the following lovelies for the evening:

Blake Butler
Richard Chiem
Lindsay Hunter
Emily Jones
Mike Kitchell

Delightful treats provided, but feel free to bring some yourself, and all are invited!

Cassandra and Sara

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