Thursday, March 17, 2011

Usdan Gallery
Bennington College, Vermont

Curated by James Voorhies
April 5-29, 2011

Opening Reception:
April 5, 6:30 p.m.

Artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Joachim Brohm, Gerard Byrne, Malcolm Cochran, Peter Dayton, Ben Kinsley, Lara Kohl, Jeremy Kost, Mark Leckey, Mary Lum, Dennis McNulty, Timothy Nazzaro, Johannes Nyholm, Pipilotti Rist, Cassandra Troyan, Jeffrey Vallance, Alejandro Vidal

Bureau for Open Culture

Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven arises from postmodernism fallout. It explores our relationship with time embodied in continual cultural transformations, whether always “making it new,” recycling the past or awash in social media and online content. These inquires are made in relation to discourses on Modernism, postmodernism and our current moment of super-hybridity, where infinite sources aggregate into one super gigantic whole. In this rapid circulation of images and ideas, where everything is always accessible, our relationship to material culture, real-time experiences and the built, spatial environment has certainly changed. But into what?

Taking its title from the 1984 album of the same name by the British pop band Love and Rockets, Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven seeks to generate ideas about contemporary life in the wake of postmodernism and, of course, the remaining detritus of modernist dreams. What happens when something so prevalent gives way not necessarily to another movement but to a technology that flattens and relativizes all levels of culture? Ahhh, the Internet.

Do we remember what it means to yearn for something?

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