Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Red76 part of FEAST at SMART Museum and OCCUPY YR. HOME

Occupy Yr. Home
(2012 - 2015: A Distributed Meal)

Occupy Yr. Home gathers friends at kitchen tables to discuss these ideas over food and drink, meals prepared like any other, mild celebrations of our daily communing. They are not spectacle, ready to burn. They are energetically plain. Friends and strangers alike activate these tables with their ideas and desires, which are then documented in a variety of forms to be disseminated online, in print, and through the continued conversations of those who encounter the problems and possibilities generated across these occupied landscapes of affection. As each table is set, each meal is prepared and eaten together, we hope that the accumulation of these conversations will serve as a discursive terrain, a space for anyone to inhabit and consider how they wish to occupy their own home.

First meal on February 13th, OCCUPY YR HOME!

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  1. Wow! Just discovered your blog and I am amazed at your vision!