Friday, June 1, 2012

Rochester, NY 
The Hungerford Building 
June 1-29, 2012 
Opening June 1st, 6-9PM 

What does it mean to indulge in fantasies of the apocalypse? To abandon secular skepticism? Ask, what does the end look like? What does it sound like? What happens after the end? What is left behind? How would we be remembered? And, will we be remembered? The apocalypse is a global phenomena that resides in nearly every culture and society. Interpretations of this catastrophic event have been documented for thousands of years, residing in the texts and oral traditions of ancient civilizations and religious doctrine, as well as contemporary scientific hypotheses. For mankind, it is the greatest erasure of all--a universal event made personal. 

 My Apocalypse is a group exhibition of local, national, and international artists to be held in Rochester, New York. The curatorial focus of the show brings together disparate works of art with the conceit that the end is coming or underway. Asking the viewer to suspend disbelief, this exhibition creates an environment of text, sound and imagery wherein the viewer does not question the likelihood of an apocalypse, but instead contemplates its meaning and implications. 

Exhibiting Artists: Ryan Barone, Cory Card, Erica Esham, Nicolas Guzman, Fumikazu Ishino, Adam Jacono, Michael Krutsch, Manuel Marquez, Alyssa Marzolf, Lauren Payne, Brian Keith Sharrock, Cassandra Troyan

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