Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have a translation of a Klabund poem as part of a translation/poetic interpretation project initiated by Daniel Bailey called NEW WORLD POETRY.

Also I am somehow in the new issue (#2) of gesture zine along with Lydia Davis and many other stunners.

Thursday the 30th I will be reading at Uncharted Books at 7PM from another new chapbook I wrote called, ONCE THERE WAS A GIRL WHO WAS SICK AND SHE HAD TO SWIM THROUGH HER OWN BLOOD TO GET HELP (BONE TEARS).

Seems very appropriate for a reading entitled, "Dark of the Male, Light of the Female: Women Writing About Horrible Things," a reading series hosted by Meghan Lamb, featuring Amanda Marbais, Jac Jemc, Hillary Stone, and Michelle Sinsky.

I wrote like such a madwoman during the winter. Someone please publish these things just so I can get them out of my hair.

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