Monday, November 25, 2013


Coming soon from Tiny Hardcore Press, this April, "BLACKEN ME BLACKEN ME, GROWLED". More information forthcoming!

My brilliant brother and partner in crime, Cody Troyan, says, 

"It is a great book that really captures this sense of boiling urban sensuality contrasted with images of suburban youth and sentimentality, examining what the body is and what it means to guide one through life. It reads so sincerely, and even the more violent, sexual, or pop cultural parts feel essential, not just vogue, empty devices. A slice of an intensely interesting life--visceral, intelligent, often abstract but grounded in stark imagery and hellbent on discovery."

I wrote some words about my first lunch period brawl for "A Fight Between Friends," texts inspired by "The Laughter of Strangers" by Michael Seidlinger.  

I made a playlist of music and sounds inspired by, and to accompany THRONE OF BLOOD at Largehearted boy! THRONE OF BLOOD is in its second printing, and can be purchased at the SOLAR LUXURIANCE website

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